Thursday, July 22, 2004

Belabumbum Boyshorts & more Blogf&*k

The Brazilian Muse recommended that I mention Belabumbum panties, based on a postcard that she'd been given at a brazilian music festival. I wonder if it had the above picture on it-it does convince me that these panties will both be comfortable and look great from any angle. Damn!

Available in lots of tasty colors: black, white, teal, aqua, yellow, antique white, salmon, lipstick, cerise, papaya, silver, scarlet, and plum.  Most places online charge $40, but at hipundies they are $35, but god, that's still a lot for panties--check the belabumbum online store for sales.


Blogger alizinha said...

Indeed, Ms. HottPants, that pic is very similar to the one I have on the postcard that occupies pride of place on my refrigerator door. Gotta love those "bundas gostosas" (that's Portuguese for "sexy butts", in case ya couldn't guess).

Alas, I do not own any BelaBumBums as of yet, but would be happy to receive some as a gift from any friend of mine who'd like to make me happy!

4:31 PM  
Blogger FriendlyGuy1212 said...

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