Wednesday, September 01, 2004

DIY Panties

If you need to promote an event with custom panties, want to put your art on panties, or just want one-of-a-kind knickers, you have options. Obviously you can go the cheap route and open a cafepress store. Problem is, they don't have a very wide range of American Apparel (the thong is AA though). A better alternative is to have either your local print shop or an online printshop print on American Apparel for you. Bandwear has the full range (seven styles!) of American Apparel Classic Girl Panties, including the flat bottom panty shown above. Orders start at a dozen. Other printers that have American Apparel are Yque, which might let you do smaller quantities, and Fiend or Faux (bras and panties!)

American Apparel's site has a long list of websites of businesses that use their products. Cool ones will be added to the blogroll.

On a low budget? Want a smaller quantity? You can order panties wholesale from AA and screenprint them yourself. How to make a silkscreen. Silkscreening from DIY.

Why use American Apparel?


Blogger Ellen said...

You can also get words printed on panties by going to Neighborhoodies. I had a shirt made there and it was fairly inexpensive.

11:33 AM  
Blogger spicycontent said...

true that!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous hazel said...

you can even not buy close from amerikan apparel, who are still a crass consumer driven corporation, and just make your own sexy underwear by going here:

11:11 AM  
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