Thursday, September 23, 2004

Jewish Fashion Conspiracy

Yom Kippur is probably not the right day to be sporting these panties from Jewish Fashion Conspiracy, but if you have a date with the Kosher Bachelor anytime soon, these would be perfect....

Monday, September 20, 2004

Just like us, cheap & cute.

Every so often, we find cute panties in the unlikeliest of places. These are $12 at JCPenney.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

BluPrint Clothing

The BluPrint fashion show previously mentioned here has been postponed until Friday, October 8th.

The Details:

Elah NEF, Julie Machado, Jon Depoe & BluPrint Clothing present:
"BluPrint4F.A.M.E." (Fashion, Art, Music, Entertainment)a BluPrint Clothing fashion show, live hip-hop performances by Zeps, NS Nation, Stark the Dutchmaster, BOXCUTTERRZZ – Elah Nef & Mr. #1 (beat-boxin)
Hosted by: E lah Nef
Artwork by Santiago Rubino and DEPOE
Turntables by Kid Chalupa
At M1-5, 52 Walker St, btw Church & Broadway, 2 blocks
south of Canal J,M,Z,N,R,W, 6 trains to Canal Street
Every second Friday of the month, starting October 8th.
Doors @ 8pm.
FREE admission all night - 21+ w/ID

In coming months-
MC Battles
Break Competitions
more BluPrint Fashion shows and other local designers

for more info.-

See also this article re BluPrint.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Getting People to Buy You Panties: Amazon Wishlist!

The hot & sexy Laure tipped us off to this gift-receiving strategy when she flashed us her fancy bra (we think it was Charnos) and told us her parents bought it for her from her Amazon Wishlist. Whole worlds opened up before us: many of the online lingerie stores on the blogroll (like Figleaves, Bare Necessities, and HerRoom) sell through Amazon and thus delicious lingerie is yours for the asking. Regarding Amazon: Hottpants is a staunch supporter of buying books at Powell's but hey, they don't deliver panties. There is also the advantage of shopping across retailers, narrowing by style, sorting by price, and having a huge selection of brands to choose from. We're hoping for the $169 D&G panties (above), or maybe the $36 Felina Alexa thongback boyleg (below). We like this one from Arianne too.

Elle MacPherson Intimates

Hot! (via Thighs Wide Shut). Check out the full line here. Apparently not yet available in the US, online or otherwise.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Agent Provocateur Sale

Hottpants loves it when Agent Provocateur has sales. We can almost afford it! They have an online sale now, with Peony (below) and Lady (above) on sale for half price, and marabou mules clocking in at 1/2 price too! Yum!

All pics courtesy AP.

Monday, September 13, 2004

On Thongs, Boyshorts, and the Future of Panties

Sure, as Rachel Lusty Lady has pointed out, Hottpants wasn't asked about the demise of the thong. But it's not like we don't have an opinion.

It is clear that in the debate of thong vs. boyshorts, boyshorts have several distinct advantages, while thongs have distinct disadvantages. Generally, if a thong has advantages, they are related to the specific clothes being worn. For instance, thongs are better under tights or with specific pairs of pants, whereas boyshorts might be "too much underwear" in that situation.

Boyshorts can be worn, as is noted in the Times, around the house. They can also be worn with miniskirts to prevent subway problems, under basically any clothes, and do not go up your ass, which is an advantage on a hot day. Also, they generally make your ass look better, but it depends on the cut.

Hottpants doubts that men are actually that invested in subtlety, and would probably favor thongs since they get to see more. Since visuals of the boyshort are a real winner and since boys love soft things, for maximum comfort (for girls) and sexiness for boys, Hottpants says: Thong-cut boyshort. Compromise doesn't always work, but in this case, it does.

And now a Break from our Regularly Scheduled Broadcasting: VOTE!!

Hottpants' friend Lisa hopes that headline on November 3rd reads: "Single Women Stun Bush By Turning Out To Vote." She's designed these super-cute shirts to help get out the vote, and (even though they're not panties!) Hottpants can't resist. Wear these shirts with your "I Voted!" sticker with pride!!!

Hottpants hastens to remind you that there is a NY Primary THIS TUESDAY. Please vote. If you are not registered yet the deadline for the BIG ELECTION is October 8. A print-and-mail form is HERE.

And now, back to the panties...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Panty Grafitti Watch

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
More Panty Graf!
(Somewhere in Chinatown)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hottpants Crash

I am sorry there has been no Hottpants this week. Blogger had some publishing problems which have now been fixed. Hottpants will be back next week for all your panty-blogging needs. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dieselsweeties on Panties; Gothamist on Panties

Hottpants loves Dieselsweeties. If you, too are having a quiet week at work, we recommend the archives.

Above: #210, "Thong Thang" and #17, "Underpants Fever". They don't carry panties yet, but they do have great tshirts.

Gothamist on the Axis of Eve Protest.

I believe Blacktable is covering the Axis of Eve protest as well.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Cupcake Panties Purse

Cupcake Panties Purse

Nichelle Newsletter gave Rachel Lusty Lady this fab purse when we were at Barbes last week and I had to take a picture! Cupcakes, panties, and purses, it's the femme trifecta. It's made, of course, by Parcel, which makes a lot of cute stuff. If you want your own you can get it right here.

DIY Panties

If you need to promote an event with custom panties, want to put your art on panties, or just want one-of-a-kind knickers, you have options. Obviously you can go the cheap route and open a cafepress store. Problem is, they don't have a very wide range of American Apparel (the thong is AA though). A better alternative is to have either your local print shop or an online printshop print on American Apparel for you. Bandwear has the full range (seven styles!) of American Apparel Classic Girl Panties, including the flat bottom panty shown above. Orders start at a dozen. Other printers that have American Apparel are Yque, which might let you do smaller quantities, and Fiend or Faux (bras and panties!)

American Apparel's site has a long list of websites of businesses that use their products. Cool ones will be added to the blogroll.

On a low budget? Want a smaller quantity? You can order panties wholesale from AA and screenprint them yourself. How to make a silkscreen. Silkscreening from DIY.

Why use American Apparel?