Thursday, July 29, 2004

Put the Ass in Sass!


So, maybe you are an assless white girl and you'd like to create some butt interest. Or maybe you're a curvy size ten and want to show off what you've got. Either way, the low-rise rufflebutt panties from Loungewear Betty will do the trick. $42 but so delicious.

PS. Yque and Torrid have great ruffle-butt panties too, and for lots less.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Party in my Panties-Save The Date

Party in my Panties
at Tainted Lady Lounge
Thursday, August 19, 2004
8:00 PM

An evening of drinking and panties, my two favorite things, with pictures of naked girls all over the place and the best. dj. ever.

Sponsored by Hottpants, Nichelle Newsletter, and the Vicar's Vice. RSVP HERE.

Torrid & Hottopic


Hottopic has some cute panties, but the sexier selection at Torrid will make all you skinny bitches wish you were a size twelve. Girls with asses can get ruffle-butt panties, lace boyshorts, bikinis & gstrings, in sizes from 12-28 (renumbered by Torrid as sizes 0-4!).

Girls that are proud that they have asses may want to roll with the "too much girl for you" panties. I also like the "I hate everything" panties.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Disgruntled Housewife Tank & Panty Set


I just did a ton of housework (okay, put away my drycleaning & took out the garbage) so I am totally feeling this set! With the Disgruntled Housewife logo in pink on white, this set will send the perfect message: bring me a drink!

I found these via, which has a great food section for non-cooks like 5-minute appetizers and "The Negligee Gourmet".

Agent Provocateur Sale


Starting Saturday 7/31, AP is having a sale at its Mercer Street store. No indication of a) what or b) if it will be affordable, even on sale, but yum. If you haven't seen it yet, go to the site to see the "She's lost Control" video starring Dita Von Teese. Also yum.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Knickers in a Twist?

(photo: the Post)

Thanks to Nichelle for tipping me off to the Post's two-page spread on boyshorts!  They recommend ten cute pairs. I especially agree with:

  1. Cosabella low-rise hot-pant ($62.70)
  2. "Sarah Boyleg" by Felina ($19)
  3. Bisou Bisou leopard print ($18)

Some of the others are cute, but look uncomfortable, like the Rosie Hipster Knickers by MYLA, and a "lace-up confection", "The Emmanuelle," by Arianne.

Others weren't my style at all, but you can read about them in the Post, I'm not going to blog about them.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Belabumbum Boyshorts & more Blogf&*k

The Brazilian Muse recommended that I mention Belabumbum panties, based on a postcard that she'd been given at a brazilian music festival. I wonder if it had the above picture on it-it does convince me that these panties will both be comfortable and look great from any angle. Damn!

Available in lots of tasty colors: black, white, teal, aqua, yellow, antique white, salmon, lipstick, cerise, papaya, silver, scarlet, and plum.  Most places online charge $40, but at hipundies they are $35, but god, that's still a lot for panties--check the belabumbum online store for sales.

Panty Grafitti


Special thanks to Cityrag, who sent me the above picture, shot on Forsyth Street on the Lower East Side. Funny thing is, I took a picture of similar graf 2 weeks ago (on the southwest corner of Ludlow and Stanton street, Ludlow side, I believe) with my film camera & haven't had it developed yet, in fact, totally forgot about it until she sent it to me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Dentist and Nurse Panties


Hottpants has a dreaded dentist appointment on Friday and this set from Audrey Marrs, available on, for only $18 for the set, reminds my teeth to be "happy teeth". Kind of like Underoos for the dentist's. If things go really badly, the Nervous Nurses panties, also from, proclaim on the back, "Sometimes Bandages Are Not Enough".


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Frisk Innerwear



Frisk Innerwear makes some really cute panties. I just saw some at Find Outlet but Hottpants reader Summer tipped us off to an online sale: Spend $10 - $50 and get 15% off, $51 - $75 and get 25% off, and $76 - $100 or more and get 50% off. You probably have to subscribe to their newsletter but it looks like it is worth it.

Above, my favorites are the tank top & panties with a big sexy boot on the front, the Zion Brief and Zion Beater.

Many other notable styles include Bad Girls Swallow, Go Go Happygirl, Full Throttle, and yes, they have panties with cupcakes on them.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hello Fleshbotters!

Thank you for visiting Hottpants. If you know of panties that Hottpants should know about, please tell us in the comments! 
Love, Hottpants.
P.S. Thanks Uffish!

Deal of the Week


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started Friday, and Cosabella Soire Thongs (regular & low-rise) are on sale for $9.90 (or $9.33 if you buy 6 or more).  A good deal, these are usually 16 bucks. Available in a literal rainbow of colors: Amethyst, Black, Bright Lilac, Chambray, Chocolate, Light Aqua, Nude, Petunia, Red, Rosa, Ruby, Sage, Sand, Scarlet, Sky Blue, Violet, and White.  And the site is right: the "whisper-light mesh fabric" promises-and delivers- "a barely-there sensation."
Sale ends Aug 1 but really, order early to get the color you want.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lola Staar Mermaid Panties


Coney Island fashion diva Lola Staar makes the perfect panties to wear to the Siren Festival, with a naughty devil mermaid swimming dangerously near your crotch! The second picture shows what she looks like up close.  Scary yet enticing!
P.S. Hottpants only works four-day weeks, so we'll see you on monday.
P.P.S: Hottpants saw these panties at the Lola Staar Boutique at Coney Island this weekend and is happy to say that they also come in Red, our favorite flavor. Oops, we mean color.

Christian Panties!

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

So, at you can buy "christian panties" that will make you "Feel God all under!" Although I do wish there were "Gluttony", "Sloth" or "Greed" or, um, "Adultery" panties available, the Lust & Envy thongs are great, and the "Christian Wrestlers" boyshorts are super cute & comfortable looking.

(confidential to E: they have a whole Nun Fetish page!)

P.S. What *is* that seventh deadly sin anyway?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Delicious Panties!

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In 2001, my friend Christy and I went to what she calls a "Sexpo" and bought extremely cute, extremely comfortable cotton panties embroidered with "Delicious" on your choice of the front or the back. I think it's great to wear panties that confirm the deliciousness of their contents, and I was pleased to find that I can buy new ones online, since 3 years later, the panties should really be retired. However, it looks like only "delicious-pussy" panties are available, although I think "delicious-ass" is even more needed in this assphobic world.

In addition to carrying a correct description of your twat, the panties also say "delicious" because they are made by Psydde Delicious, one of the owners of Delicious Corsets, who also hosts a party in Philly called Fast Cheap & Out of Control, where you, too, can be the Cheap Slut of the Night if you win the Amateur Go-Go Contest.

The next party is tomorrow and sounds super sleazy tasty: ROCK N ROLL QUEER BAR: An irreverant circus for the homopunk, queer-rocker set.. get your FAG on!! Flash your dick to the DJ (male or female) and get a free drink! (Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, and Alcoholism all at once!). If you live in Philly you better be there. I will have to just be content with the panties.

Retro Bubbles

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Love these great panties from Retro Bubbles! and they're briefs!

Also: boyshorts with this fortune-cookie fortune: "people find it difficult to resist your persuasive manner".

Monday, July 12, 2004

Axis of Eve

Axis of Eve Posted by Hello

The Axis of Eve makes and sells sexy and funny "protest panties" and plans to engage in a "shock and awe" campaign of panty-flashing "to lay bare the shameful tactics of the Bush administration and boldly demand an end to political cover-up."

At the Republican National Convention in NYC in September, they promise to create a media spectacle "b(e)aring messages of truth, accountability, and peace." Buy some now.

Available panties: Thong, bikini, boyshort
Notable slogans: weapon of mass seduction, my cherry for kerry, cream bush
Also available: Tank tops, baby onesies, boxers
All sweatshop-free by american apparel, of course.

P.S. As a side-conversation about something not really about panties, note Bella DePaolo's cool article arguing that panties and cute slogans just diminish the seriousness of the issues that single women face- Ditching the Lipstick-and-Panties Pitch: "The lipstick and panty pitch trivializes and caricatures the very people liberal-leaning activists are out to recruit. To begin with, single women are not all nightclub-hopping twenty-somethings; two-thirds of them are 30 or older. And even those who are young have more pressing concerns than their panties. These women skew toward the lower end of the economic spectrum and are often single moms. They are more worried about making a decent living, having affordable health care and providing for their retirement than missing their manicure."